Make your phone memories last forever with our audio guestbook!

An audio guestbook is a new, unique and modern way of collecting wedding wishes from guests. It records audio messages that guests can leave for the newlywed couple, this could be reliving a childhood memory or giving some marriage advice. Similar to a traditional guest book but instead of guests signing their names, they can leave a personal message that the couple can later listen to.

Our audio guestbook captures the emotions and voices of loved ones, which can be cherished for years to come. It serves as a unique and personal keepsake that a couple can listen to on their anniversary or whenever they want to relive their special day.

We believe an audio guestbook is a must have to your big day as it adds a personal and sentimental touch to a wedding that allows couples to revisit the memories and sentiments of their loved ones for years to come.

Choose from full day hire or to sit alongside our 360 video booth for 2,3 or 4 hours.

PACKAGE DEALS AVAILABLE when booking our 360 video booth

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